Save the Hoosier National Forest. Stop the proposed Mid-States Corridor.

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The Mid-States Corridor is a proposed highway that may go directly through the Hoosier National Forest. The needless pain and destruction that the development of this highway will cause can be avoided by adding your name to this petition. We have a voice. This is our land. 

We must join together to protect these public and private lands. Proposed routes O and M will impact thousands of miles of streams, thousands of acres of Hoosier National Forest lands, many family lands and homes, as well as destroy habitat for a long list of native Indiana flora & fauna, and threatened and endangered species.

We also feel this project is a useless demand on our tax-payer funded financial resources.  Resources that could be utilized by the improvement of existing roads and infrastructure. 

Please join the fight to block this unnecessary highway by adding your name to this petition.