Legalize medical marijuana use for patients to control pain.

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Our son has a very rare form of MD. It's eating his muscles and nerves. They have tried for many years to control his pain. He is maxed,out on his dosage, still in horrible pain, hardly any relief. We watch him suffer daily. He was able to take a capsule form called Maranol, this was for nausea, we saw a huge difference with his pain level overnight!! It was helping with both symptoms,but, they had to up the dose twice because he needed a higher dose. His Dr could no longer "up his dose" because he could only have the dose for his nausea. So, the pain continued and is over his whole body. As a parent this is hardest thing to watch, you can do NOTHING!!!! Imagine if this was your child? What would you do? Especially seeing something that was helping and stripped away? He had a normal childhood, played sports until symptoms started, he could walk, run, play... Now his legs are like jello, he is wheelchair bound, In his bed 90% of the time. It's heartbreaking knowing there is something that helped and it was "stripped away". What would you do if it was your child? He has been dealing with this for years, he is 20 now, soon will be 21. He attended one day of High School, the first day of his freshman year. Most of his high years he spent at Rileys, either seeing several Dr's, testing, but mostly monthly hospital stays. There is no cure, they treat his symptoms. He is one incredible young man!! He deserves to have relief!! 

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