Make the Indian Railways place buzzers in wildlife corridors and prevent animal death

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This morning, an Intercity express from Siliguri rammed into a crossing elephant, leaving her severely injured. The elephant later passed away this evening. Not only has this left one minus animal from our wildlife, this is not the first of such occurences. 

Within this belt of wildlife alone, 67 elephants have passed away from the year 2013 till present, and this is only one of the species . This very disturbing video of a veey injured elephant has made its rounds all over social media. 

The Indian Railways changed all the lines from Narrow to broad gauge in 2004, but placed lines through wildlife dooars. With improvement in technology the least they could do is see that trains maintain their speed ljmit while travelling through these dooars and the Indian Railways placing Buzzers, which is an electric charge which produces a supersonic buzzing noise like that of hundreds of bees, this is prior to or just after the approaching train, thus acting as a preventive sound for animals to cross during the train crossing. 

The least we could do to conserve wildlife is not to loose more to such preventible mishaps. I would like this to be noticed by the necessary parties and needful be done. Need your help!!