Stop animal abuse in the circus

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I would like to take action against the unfair cruelty that occurs in the circuses in India. This petition is to M.V Shankaran and the Indian government. Animals that are born into or captured from the wild have horrible lives and they will never be able to experience freedom or love that they are supposed to in the wild.These animals suffer from injuries and great pain while not being able to spend time with their families. They are often pushed beyond their limits and are put through pain in the process.They are forced to do tricks and if they do not they are punished with:-

- Tight collars

- Electric prods

- Muzzles

- Bullhooks ( A sort of hammer that is used to hit elephants ) 

- People hitting or inflicting pain upon them

These animals usually suffer from zoochosis, a mental trauma for animals that shows how bad the circus and zoos treat their animals. Animals in the circus usually are not provided with adequate water and food. I have been looking into the topic of animal rights and I found an article from about circuses and how they abuse and use animals.I have made the change of lifestyle upon myself, going vegan and I hope to inspire other activists to help me in my project.So please can you help me to try and love the animals that are in trouble. If you sign this petition you will be supporting animals.

Please sign,

Cyrus Allana