We want Justice for Priyanka Reddy. (Who was raped and burned alive in Hyderabad)

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NOTE : IF YOU WANT JOIN US FOR A PROTEST IN KOLKATA EMAIL US AT : protestagainstrapecampaign@gmail.com. 

This is too much. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.Enough of rape culture in India. We want justice. We the Youth has the power of social media now. Share your opinions on this matter on every social media platforms you use and please use the hastag #justiceforpriyankareddy.

We can make ranu mondal trending, we can make tiktok jokers trending but now its time to make something trending for a greater cause, for the "safety of the womans in our country". We the youth of India can bring the change in India. We can force our Government to make new punishable laws against this kind of brutual rapists. Please i beg you.

Again i am saying this is too much now. And please don't type RIP this time. She will not rest in peace until and unless this brutual rapist gets the capital punishment for this brutual act. 

Join hands and sign this petition to get Justice for Priyanka Reddy. Share this to those who want to join this movement . This time we the youth of India, will change India.

Let us show our Government the power of the youth.

And lastly i want to quote :

"Abhi jiska khoon na khaula, khoon nahi wo paani hai, jo desh ke kaam na aaye, wo bekaar jawani hai".
(By Bhagat Singh)