Get PoK, Gilgit-Baltistan and Aksai chin areas back from Pakistan and China.

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If you have ever noticed our Indian Map in recent times, you would notice the areas from state of Jammu & Kashmir are taken from us, and they are not even the part of Indian international borders in maps.

Pakistan is continuously engaging us in POK area and they have peacefully taken the topmost area, Gilgit-Baltistan area from India and included in their international boundaries.

Let alone occupying, Pakistan is in a deal with China, its now called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and also inviting U.K. and other countries to invest in this area that's occupied by them.

Same is the case with Aksai Chin (CoK), and they are entering and occupying Indian areas day by day.

Total areas occupied by Pakistan and China equals a whooping 1,00,648 km² (Aksai Chin-14,380 km², PoK-13,297 km², Gilgit-Baltistan-72,971 km²), it's larger than 17 Indian state's area and way more larger in area if compared to state of Bihar.

What is wrong with us?? Why are we neglecting our areas and giving Pakistan and China control over our land.

What exactly are we waiting for??

Is it not the time for this change too???

Don't you think it is time to take step for this cause too??