Animal Cruelty In India

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Hello friends, Everyday we read about cruelty against animals but no one can do anything about it as there are no laws nothing for this Injustice. First I read a report where a  man was seen throwing a  dog from his terrace and in another case a dog was beaten by bamboos just because he was running after a bike. The stray animals have every right to live on this planet earth just like we human beings. No one has the right to kill them or brutalize them. Unfortunately, there have been a series of event so in which the stray dogs were brutally killed by poisons. The government is partially responsible for this for their servants too, the municipality workers are known to cruelly handle the stray animals based on petty invalid complains. We want the strays to be protected. They are born in this country and have equal rights as any of us do. Those who harm the stray animals must be punished harshly. And the government must endeavor to protect the stray animals. And in most cases when someone tries to stop it, that person gets harrassed or gets no proper support from anyone forget police. So let's come together and fight for the Injustice done to these poor creatures. We want strict laws so a common animal lover can do something instead of standing helplessly and watching. Please come forward and sign this petition to get Justice for our fur friends. Thanks.