Remove Minimum balance rule in Banks

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Respected Sir,

It is not easy for poor people to start account in many of the banks in India Private or public.   Banks requesting for big amount for starting the account and there is always minimum balance requirement.   Now many of they have to open bank accounts and they may or may not have much money. That is good step.    But bank is consistently taking  charges for not meeting minimum balance or requesting big amount for opening account.   I recently enquired in one bank for opening one account for another person, they mentioned to give 30000 cheque and minimum balance 10000 to keep.  keeping these charges are not logical as 80% of people in India are lower middle class or below povertyline.   If they are in trouble they may not even have money to put in bank and bank will nicely charge all below minimum balance charges or delay charges etc. and make them in worst situation. Now SBI to hike minimum balance for savings account; move will hit 31 crore people.    My sincere Request to waive of these charges.  It is very important for country like INDIA.     I am keeping this petition for the poor people in INDIA.  

Request all to sign in these petition and to keep the attention of authorities.  This is very important for the people and make lots of difference.