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Include our streets in the catchment map for Moss Hall Infants School.

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The catchment area map for Moss Hall Infants School contains a glaring error and this error has meant that for a number of years, children living in residential streets local to Moss Hall Infants School (between Nether Street and Percy Road) have LOST OUT on admission to Moss Hall Infants School despite being just 0.4 miles away (8 minutes walk) whilst the expansive non-residential area of St Michael’s School (off Nether Street) is wrongly included in the map. It is on the edge of the map, it was clearly a mistake to include it but Barnet Council will not admit it.

There are no houses and NO children living within the large grounds of St Michael’s School and we believe firstly, that this LOST area should be urgently, re-distributed and the catchment map retrospectively revised to include the residential streets of: Coleridge Road, Derby Avenue, Grange Avenue, Hall Street, Netherfield Road and Percy Road (the majority of which are adjacent to St Michael’s School) where children DO actually live! 

Additionally, we know that millimetres matter in all catchment areas, they make the difference between a local school place and a better quality of life or years of misery and cost driving back and forth in congested, polluted school run traffic and thanks to Barnet Council approving thousands of new flats in the area, it is becoming more and more difficult to gain a local school place. If you don't end up with your first choice school or even second or third, you may end up with a school outside of your community, a school where you may need to drive or take public transport (petrol/fares all add up). Since 2001, Barnet has been a designated Air Quality Management Area due to high levels of pollution, by not getting a local school place parents can add to pollution and local school run congestion. Barnet council want our children to cycle to school, but Barnet roads are too dangerous and too polluted. Walking is better for health, wellbeing and the environment and it allows precious time for parents and children to chat about the day, to interact and to notice nature and the environment around them.

Coleridge Road, Derby Avenue, Grange Avenue, Hall Street, Netherfield Road and Percy Road are all within the catchment area of Northside Primary School but with an intake of just 30 children per year at Northside it's clear to see that parents from the streets listed above don't have a lot of choice.

Please look on our facebook and twitter pages to see the maps where we show you that the Moss Hall Infant School catchment area extends SOUTH by 1.1 miles to Finchley Central where there are 4 SCHOOLS for parents to choose from (St Marys, Millbrook, Frith Manor and Moss Hall) compared to our one (Northside). The southern most tip is over twice the distance from the Include our Streets N12 area - is that fair? It is the north side (that includes our streets) that is the original Moss Hall area but it is under-represented at the school. In 1873 Nether Street where the catchment area ends in North Finchley was called Moss Hall Lane. The Elephant Inn also on the north side of the school was called the Moss Hall Tavern until fairly recently. Ours is the original Moss Hall area yet we are excluded. The original Moss Hall building and grounds was actually in the northern section. The Moss Hall Infant School catchment map has been wrong and unfair for a number of years and we are told by parents whose children went to the school in the 90s that the catchment area used to extend more into North Finchley and Woodside Park - but neither Barnet Council or Ofsted have ANY record of the previous catchment map! Why did it change in the first place? The school also expanded recently so more children could attend, but the catchment didn't change! Moss Hall Infants School is not in Finchley Central, yet you will get a place if you live there, whilst local parents in the Include our Streets N12 area are excluded.

Barnet Council committees decided to do NOTHING about our petition after we met with them and discussed our concerns in our allotted 5 minutes of time! Our petition is currently over 240+ names including those on paper, so we are simply going to keep adding names until they listen again and actually help us.

We are calling on local residents to help get this map retrospectively amended. Moss Hall Infants School is our local school too.

Thank you and please keep in touch via Twitter @IOSNTwelve or Facebook: or email


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