Include LGBTQIA+ Sensitivity Training For All Govt Employees in 2019 Election Manifesto

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2018 was a good year for the LGBTQIA+ community. The Supreme Court struck down the archaic section 377 that criminalised them. But decriminalisation isn’t enough if society continues to discriminate against people on the basis of their identity and sexuality.  

2019 is election year and the perfect opportunity to further educate people about the LGBTQ community. Help me make this year as iconic as the last!

Sign my petition asking the leaders of major political parties to add LGBTQ sensitivity training for all government employees, including police officials, in their 2019 election manifestos.

The discussion on gender equity and women empowerment is ongoing but this conversation leaves out the LGBT community and gender non-conforming people. In these gender discussions, we rarely discuss the challenges, aspirations and achievements of the LGBT community.

In the 2014 Supreme Court verdict, the central government was directed to put in place regular training and sensitisation efforts for government employees, including police officials, about the LGBTQ community. But this isn't happening.

The biggest challenge comes when people from the LGBT or gender non-conforming community can’t access their basic fundamental rights. The right to be identified as equal human beings by the society. This can’t happen because of insensitivity on the part of those officials who are meant to interact with India’s citizens on behalf of the government. When these officials treat someone as less than a ‘normal’ human being, then where is the equality? Providing the community with rights on paper is very different from active implementation.

Join me in asking our political parties to commit in their 2019 election manifestos that they will put in place training programs in government institutions and for government employees so they can interact with the LGBTQ community with greater sensitivity. Let us come together and work to uphold the 2014 Supreme Court verdict in letter and in spirit!

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