Remove the Tampon Tax in Texas

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Texas imposes a 8.25% luxury tax on most retail sales, leases and rentals, as well as many services. Among these are feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads. According to Texas state law, these products are considered a luxury, and therefore subject to the tax, affecting every individual who purchases these products. Other items like food and medicine are excluded from the tax because they are considered necessities. But everyone who experiences periods, or knows someone who does, knows that feminine hygiene products are not luxuries, but absolute necessities. This is the issue. Women across the state are paying tax on a product that deserves to be tax free. This is not politics, it's a tax on a biological function women have no choice in and must deal with on a regular basis -- so why are these essential items taxed? By removing the tax, those who struggle financially will have an easier time affording them and all women in the state of Texas will  benefit. If we can come together, spread awareness, and lend a hand to the cause, we can pass a bill to solve this huge problem. Be loud and show that you will not stand for a tax on women and their biology.

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