S.O.S - Save Our St Mary's

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Imperial College has decided to sell off the St Mary's Medical School Building.

They've made this decision without speaking to any students, representatives of the affected or alumni, and without any thought to the needs, feelings, culture or history of any members of our community.

We are losing a significant piece of our history, as well as numerous student facilities such as a library, gym, pool, common room and teaching spaces, which are used daily by many more students than just medics.

St Mary’s Hospital Medical School predates Imperial College London by 50 years - they have no place to make decisions of this magnitude and sell off whatever they like with no attempt to speak to students who use the building before making a public statement.

Imperial claims Alexander Fleming (actually from St Mary's) as its most famous alumnus, but what right do they have to use his name and his achievements for their own gain, and then flog the site where he studied to the highest bidder?

They've waited until summer, when they know the vast majority of Medical Students aren’t around. This was not a coincidence; they know what they’re doing.

We are petitioning for the College to:

  • Delay any more decisions about the sale until there has been more immediate meaningful, transparent, public consultation with student representatives and alumni (e.g. meetings, town halls where input from students is actively sought)
  • Set up a meeting with representatives from College, the Faculty of Medicine, student representatives, the Alumni Association & St Mary's Hospital Association by 31st August 2019

Please pledge your support and share our petition to #SaveOurStMarys #sos


More information: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/medicine/about-us/vision/st-marys-medical-school-building/