Impeach Judge Feeley

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Yesterday, Representative Jim Lyons filed a resolution to impeach Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley.

The resolution was sponsored by Republican Representatives Geoff Diehl, Marc Lombardo, Shaunna O’Connell, Kevin Kuros, Nick Boldyga, and Dave DeCoste. Joining them in sponsoring the petition was Maureen Maloney. Maureen is the mother of Matthew Denise who was killed by an illegal immigrant who was drunk driving when he hit and dragged Matthew to his death.

Judge Feeley is the same judge who let Maine cop killer John Williams out of jail:

Judge Feeley is the same judge that kept convicted heroin dealer Manuel Soto-Vittini out of jail. The reason the judge gave was that the dealer had to provide for his family. Feeley also said he was taking into account the possible immigration consequences Soto-Vittini faces as a result of the conviction — outrageous! Feeley did not put this thug behind bars because he could be deported. Story here:

Judge Feeley is the same judge that released Salem man Daniel Beauvais, charged in a recent sexual abuse case. He released this sexual predator after another judge concluded that “Beauvais poses a danger not only to the child in the case in which he’s been charged, but to other children, if released." Story Here:

Judge Feeley must go!

Please sign onto this petition for your voice to be heard; and urge your State Representative and State Senator to support HD4822 to impeach Judge Feeley.