Help stop the deportation of the Ferreira family during a global pandemic.

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A young working family have been given a week to pack up their lives of almost 8 years in Milton, Ontario by the CBSA and return to Portugal during the Covid 19 pandemic. The husband Armando is a Diebetic and high risk for Covid-19.

Portugal is seeing high numbers of Covid-19 and is currently in lockdown. This family will have to ignore the stay at home order in Ontario to prepare the paperwork and all that is required to prepare for deportation. Upon arriving in Portugal they will have to do the same to establish their new life. 

At this time in the pandemic, this is unnecessary travel and high risk to their health. They are not criminals! Why are they being treated as such? This action is compromising their health and human rights.  Maybe if they were collecting welfare and living off the taxpayers, they would be allowed to stay. Instead they are deporting a young working family who have gone to immigration lawyers and are trying to do the right thing. Yet, still being deported with short notice during a pandemic. 

Sign the petition and tell our Government that this is unacceptable! Give the family more time to get their affairs in order, or better yet, let them stay. Approve their landed status during a Global Pandemic.  Stop treating hard working people like criminals!