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Immediately Remove Cannabis from the CSA and Single Convention Treaty

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No law on cannabis was ever written or enacted based on real evidence or a single fact about the plant. As written into in our nation's Declaration of Independence, government derives "their powers from the consent of the governed." The government(s) had no authority to take control of the plant, and their doing so was not based on any scientific or real evidence but done so on deceit of the people and Congress itself for the greed of a few. Congress has repeatedly continued the lies by enacting additional laws based on those lies instead of real evidence or studies done, including a law requiring the ONDCP to oppose legalization regardless of any science or health benefits. It was in fact Congress who acted arbitrarily and capriciously in regard to cannabis and the oppressive laws enacted regarding a plant.

There have been few times when the people demanded change, slavery and alcohol prohibition being two of those times. Cannabis prohibition has led to another form of slavery through the prison system.  We have reached a tipping point once again where the people of the nation demand laws be changed for the betterment of society as a whole. Report after report for decades have displayed the total failure of the current cannabis and drug policy. Every peer-reviewed or government study ordered has come to the same conclusion, that cannabis does not belong in Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substance Act, and it is a safe substance. Now science has explained the damage to the health of the people, so that the cannabis policy is no longer tolerable and must immediately be changed.

It is far wiser of a government to realize grave errors in a rush to judgement due to overwhelming heat and false testimony and an awakening in the light of scientific facts than to continue the path of society destruction with the war of cannabis. The social experiment has proven an utter failure with many unforeseen casualties. Patients around the globe have found treating the cause of their disorder far more helpful than treating the symptoms. As a nation we should embrace a new health science and eagerly learn all we can. The DEA's refusal to change the schedule of cannabis which would allow more scientific studies, displays pure ignorance and arrogance. The most wonderful thing about hanging out with a bunch of autistic people is when you realize there are so many other ways to think it opens your mind to so many alternative ways to look at things, see it differently, and gain another viewpoint. It was a most wonderful gift of enlightenment and opening of mind, and something as a nation we must do about cannabis. It is ancient medicine as well as new medicine and science.

To say we are as a society all too ignorant to know our own bodies and how we feel is an over reach of any government. Withholding the key to homeostatic wellness by keeping cannabis illegal forcing citizens to consume chemicals to treat symptoms instead of cannabis to treat the cause is not only immoral it is murder by slow poisoning. Attempts to break apart the compounds of cannabis, separating the various cannabinoids in attempts to use them as a single cannabinoid for therapeutic purposes is where the pharmaceutical industry is making a huge error in cannabinoid medicine. Just as Marinol was not the answer it was intended to be. The cannabinoids work together, as a system.

Genesis 1:29  "And God Said I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed, it shall be food for you". If god did not want this plant on the earth it would not be. Despite all that governments have done over the last 75 years to try to remove it from the earth, it still proliferates.  — "And the other side of the river was the tree of life, the leaves of the tree were the healing of the nation," — Revelations 22:2. Let the healing begin, the planet needs it. Let the stigma end, the people need it.

We update, revise every aspect of out lives. We know more now than we ever did. Why is this one important health issue treated like this in todays world? No one should have a gun in their face from law enforcement, be arrested, humiliated, degraded or treated as a subculture for their choice of medicine and health needs.

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