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@Illumivato (This is the girls twitter name): I want this person to be imprisoned! She is a threat to society!

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I am sure most of you know what twitter is? Well they let anybody make an account now a days. There is a person on twitter by the name of @Illumivato who is posting pictures of her killing her dog by snapping its neck to get more followers. She has pictures of animals in blenders, a dog with guns up to its head, a picture of her strangling (what looks to be her mom), a young boy with duct tape tied around arms on the ground, (and the list continues) basically implying that if she does not get more followers she will kill all of these beings. I need this to be looked at by the police, government, and if nothing else twitter. I would have been perfectly fine living the rest of my life without looking at a dog in a blender or a puppy with its neck snapped! I am outraged that twitter has done nothing to remove this person, but I am glad they havent because I would like for the police to track down her ip address and arrest her at once with a public trial!! This person needs to burn in hell and I want to see justice. Do they let just anyone buy pets now a days? Where is Peta? I want to know why twitter has yet to stop this nonsense. Something needs to be done and I wont sleep until it is. I hope you wont stand for this and will make this dark shadow come to light. Would you want you kids, pets, or loved ones around this person. She could be a student, teacher, mother, or etc walking around corrupting our youth or maybe threatening to kill them for followers on twitter. Something needs to be done ASAP. Please sign my petition.

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