Clemency for 14 year old sentenced in 2007 to 25 years, serving a mandatory time of 100%.

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All children deserve the chance to grow and play, to trip and fall and pick themselves back up again. Prison is no home for a child and yet, on any given night in America, 6,200 children are held in adult jails and prisons. Every year, 100,000 youth are admitted into local adult facilities and prisons. This was the fate of 14-year-old Brian Harrington Jr., who was a freshman in High School when he was charged with a 25 year prison sentence. Today, Brian, his family, and his partner Jess are fighting to get his life back.

It started in 2007 when an accident led to his arrest. Faced with little support and no options, 14-year-old Brian was forced to plea guilty and take on a 25 year prison sentence. He was tried as an adult and placed under Illinois' Truth in Sentencing law, forcing Brian to serve 100% of the time and removing his right to parole. The system told young Brian that he was beyond reform. That he could not learn from his mistakes and was not capable of change.

Against all odds, Brian has persevered to become the best self he could possibly be in the time he has grown up in prison. He acknowledges and is sincerely sorry for the harm he caused to others at such a young age. He has vigorously pursued his education by achieving his G.E.D and attaining an Associates Degree with honors. He is a leader among his peers: he coaches the baseball team, is active in the basketball team, and is an art instructor within the prison. He is an extremely talented portrait artist and writer looking to use music, poetry, and fine art to change the narrative that America has given to it's incarcerated youth.

On April 11th, Brian’s case will be presented to the Clemency board who will decide if Brian’s future will continue to be trapped behind bars. If Brian receives no relief he will return to the world as a 40-year-old man after completing his entire sentence. Brian deserves to live a life free from cages, to reunite with his family, to heal from the trauma of growing up in prison, and to live a full, healthy life.

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