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Please do not hunt Bobcats!!

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February 2016— As you may already know, back in July of 2015, Hunting bobcats in Illinois will once again be legal this year due to a bill signed into law which allows hunters to kill one bobcat per hunting season.  This will be the first time in 40 years after the feline predator was removed from the state's threatened species list in 1999.

There are so many bobcat supporters and petitions going around, along with well researched articles from many experts in this field. All of them say that there is no benefit to hunting bobcats, except maybe for the hunters who get big money for their pelts. The experts and informed supporters are all about restoration of the imbalance of natural habitats, which include bobcats. Please don't give up on your constituents who are mostly bobcat supporters! Bobcats are an important part of conservation and are a valuable part of Illinois' ecosystem that should be protected (not killed and hunted for their pelts!).

Native to North America with a range that covers most of the U.S., with notable gaps in several Midwestern states where modern agriculture has altered their habitat, officials estimate about 5,000 bobcats in Illinois. Bobcats are shy, and about twice the size of a common house cat. They stand 20 to 23 inches high at the shoulder and are 30 to 35 inches in length. More information on these beautiful animals can be found on many conservation websites, including Illinois'.

Gov. Rauner please do not ignore the vast majority of your constituents who are strongly opposed to this unnecessary and misguided legislation to hunt/kill our beloved bobcats!  I am one of those people/voters.

Even in Ohio, the appellate court ruled in January 2016 that Bobcats are not dangerous wild animals!  Along with many other states and organizations who all agree with this statement.

I am trying to spread the word, this change .org petition and our facebook page ( in hopes that we can still turn this thing around for our beloved bobcats!!  Please sign this petition to let Illinois government know that our bobcats matter to us, our environment, and to gain the natural balance back into this world that humans have taken away and continue to do so.  

Thank you!!

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