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Ban Battery Cages in Idaho

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What are battery cages?

Battery cages are small wire cages that egg-laying hens are confined to for their life. Usually there are multiple chickens per battery cage. Battery cages are very small, with no room for the chickens to spread their wings, turn around, or virtually any other movements. The wire bottoms hurt their feet and can leave them disfigured. Battery cages are used almost exclusively indoors as well, meaning that egg-laying hens will likely never see the sun in their life.

Why are they wrong?

These cages are wrong for the obvious reasons that they are tools for unnecessarily cruel confinement of animals and can cause much suffering to the animals. They are unable to be free to do natural things, such as walk, dust-bathe, or spread their wings. Due to the use of battery cages, egg-laying hens are also ‘de-beaked’ as babies to prevent them from pecking each other to death in these small confinements which they do from boredom and misery. Debeaking is the process of searing off the front of their beaks with a hot blade. Scientists agree that debeaking causes the animals extreme pain.

You can read more about battery cages here, at the Humane Society of the United States website.

What Idaho laws protect battery cages?

Idaho does not have any laws regarding the use of battery cages and the welfare of animals. In 2010 when California passed propositions regarding battery cages, Idaho producers have been baiting these industries to move to Idaho where there are no restrictions. These kinds of actions show that there is little to no concern for the welfare of these animals in Idaho’s egg industry.

While our current industry may be small, we cannot let it grow without making sure that animals are treated properly. Please sign this petition to help ban battery cages in Idaho and give egg-laying hens a better life.

If you choose to buy eggs, please buy and promote buying cage-free eggs as well to vote with your dollars towards a more humane industry.

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