Pets at Home - Stop selling aversive vibrating collars for dogs

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Pets at Home are the U.K.'s largest pet products retailer. With over 370 stores, their strapline is ' where pet's come first'.

This statement is questionable considering Pets at Home sell a number of aversive training products such as vibrating collars. A battery operated collar vibrates around a dogs sensitive neck when he displays an undesired behaviour such as barking or wandering too far from the owner. Both of these are natural canine behaviours and can be a sign of fear.

Since May 2017, emails have been exchanged between myself and Pets at Home requesting they withdraw from sale punishing collars and use their influence to help educate pet owners on more humane methods of training. They have refused to do this.

In the last few years the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have funded many scientific studies on electronic collars. Defra (1402DWa) showed  detriment to dogs welfare whilst Defra (AW1402A) concludes that electronic collars are used incorrectly, even with instructions.

Independent studies by Shilder & Van der Borg, 2004; Shalke et al, 2007; Herron et al, 2009 and Blackwell et al, 2012 have all had similar findings.

It is time that Pets at Home lived up to their boasts and put pets first instead of profit for the sake of suffering. They need to listen to their customers, many of whom would like to see the end of these outdated training devices.