Punishment For Animal Cruelty

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The Street Animals, most of them, which are completely docile and loyal and just want some food and water to sustain are being killed and run over by Cars.

The people on roads are killing them because they are 'bored' and quoting my friend  who I shall not name , "People are now loosing jobs, have nothing to do, no money to live, therefore becoming crazy and now they are robbing just in order to live" , I agree people are now unemployed but hurting an animal is not an option or solution to this.

My teacher, who i shall not name, was with his sister in the market for essential  shopping witnessed animal cruelty on the road near the slum area , and when they tried to explain to them to not do this heinous  crime of killing or hurting ones who can't  even speak. The slum people ,then attacked them and when they (my teacher and her sister) went to complain to the Police, the Police did not take this seriously and were very lenient  with this and asked them (my teacher and his sister) to forget this.

I hope you all  agree and believe that causing harm to an animal is not a good thing  and is depressing. I hope you all sign my petition  to issue punishment to this heinous  crime.