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Lights for brighter days.❤️ Potomac Edison NEEDS TO CORRECT OUR BILLS.!!

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This picture displays the anger and frustration people are feeling in our community.. I apologize for the aggressive words, but I want to solve the issue about the electric bills so many people have received due to the meters being misread or it just being a glitch in the system. So many people had someone come out and look at there meters and even said there bill was way to high according to the meters, also they call and complain about this after the facts are proved and still nothing happens. People have children we need light for our houses. Low income family’s can not afford the high bills they receive. Plus Potomac Edison owns a monopoly in our area by knowing this they’re gouging prices to rates higher  then what people in our area can afford. This is a valuable need, to cook,clean,to provide light for us to see in the dark. It’s not a want its something we need everyday.  It’s cruel and inhuman that a company like Potomac Edison would do something like this to the people in our community. knowing their wrong and nothing can change that. untill people stand up and sign this petition against this cause. Please sign this petition and help the people in our community Thank you all so much.!! 

This is for Potomac Edison Electricty company.!!! Please fix your systems and correct people’s bills we should get refunds for every bill we paid over. It’s a lot to ask but Potomac Edison has been doing this to everyone who has electric from them.!!! To the city hall of Cumberland and whomever this may concern. 

By-Barbiee Blowe/co-found by Jessica 

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