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I demand the congress and the President enact a strong public health care insurance option.

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I'm closing every petition that I have created at  People who have signed it just have not gotten enough of their friends to sign these petitions. However I still have a web page where you can send letters and demand the legislation that we want.

Go to for actions to get a strong public option and other needed legislation by sending emails that people can send threatening boycotts of conservative funders.











Where do companies, that make contributions to conservatives, who then buy legislation get their money? From you and me and millions of liberals and progressives. Sign this and these other petitions.





To the Congress and the President of the United States:

          I join with many other people who demand that you enact a public option that will work like HR676 but will not ban private insurance.

This public option will get fully funded by US government general federal taxes. People will have no monthly premiums, no copays, no yearly deductibles, no coverage gaps, no means tests and no yearly or lifetime caps for coverage.

This public option will cover 100 percent of the cost of: all doctor's visits including dental visits, all generic and patented medications, surgery and all hospital visits, hospice and nursing home residence and abortion, contraception and other family planning costs.

People can choose this single payer public option health care plan at will even if they had or have private plans presently.

People will have the option to choose private plans or keep the private plans that they have now.

This legislation should appear implemented as amendments to HR676

Until this legislation gets enacted into law, I REFUSE to do business with the following companies that give money to conservatives in both the Democratic and Republican parties:

Gallo Wines who gave over $80,000 to Nancy Pelosi who plans to back off a strong public option.

Rite Aid Pharmacies

Tyson Foods, makers of Tyson Chicken

Brown-Forman Corporation, makers of Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort

American Express Corporation

MBNA, Bank of America

Wendy's Corporation

Dominos Pizza

Curves for women's health clubs

Dell Computer Corporation

Coors Brewing Company maker of Coors beer.

Do as I demand, or your friends who make and sell products and give money to conservatives will lose my business and the business and income from many other people as myself.

Good day.






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