Rename the planet ~ LOVE

Rename the planet ~ LOVE

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Vic Munoz started this petition to Humanity and

This is a call to humanity, and to the world agencies to whom this may concern. It is an invitation to take a conscious step towards human evolution and healing of our home planet.

This is a Petition to change the name of this precious blue marble upon which we live and breathe and spend our lifetimes, from Planet Earth to Planet LOVE. A subtle, yet significant, step towards world peace, supportive of our evolution, as well as creating a healthier, more prosperous environment. Renaming the planet LOVE is an initiative of conscious housekeeping, not one of romantic ideal. Please consider it wholeheartedly, and please sign this petition.


For the planet - to give it nurturing love, raising its vibration to help it heal and harmonize itself from generations of our own unconscious mistreatment. The extreme weather events and other natural disasters we experience are not the planet attacking us, but rather fighting to regain balance. You can visualize this initiative as the entire population giving the planet a hug and boosting its energy when it is sick and struggling to recover.

For humanity - to create an environment that promotes our mental and behavioral migration from fear into love, while creating a general sense of peace and safety at a global scale. Just imagine how supported and empowered you would feel waking up in a world called LOVE. You can visualize this as the entire world giving you a hug.


• One step to create a global environment of peace

• Give the planet love, and ourselves hope

• We tend to embody the energy of the environment we are in; this initiative is creating an environment of love

• Create a general sense of wellbeing, possibility, stability, safety and healing

• A conscious choice to define ourselves as beings of LOVE, as well as give direction of our evolutionary path

• Love is the highest vibrational energy, naming our home planet LOVE infuses the entire population and the planet itself with love

• Invite ourselves to bring love into our lives, therefore becoming more loving and peaceful with ourselves, each other and our environment 

• The planet is a living body, in agony; this nurturing decision supports its healing and harmonization

• The children of the planet, your children, your children’s children will be born in a world called LOVE


• We all seek to love and be loved

• We all yearn for peace

• Are you ready to move your decision-making and ways of living your life from a place called fear to a place of, and literally called, LOVE?

• Does this petition not represent your vision of yourself and your dream home?


If you feel the power of this vision, if you feel its implications, and miraculous possibilities, please sign this petition and spread the word. Let's individually choose to consciously create together a new world.

More detailed information is being posted daily on social media sites, mainly through Facebook and Instagram (@citizenyoga); please visit us and share! In case you are prompted not to sign this petition, we would love to know… why not?

By signing this petition, you are making a statement about yourself to yourself, as someone that chooses to live in a world that supports your nature. LOVE.

Choose your destiny and that of your planet – One word to change our world!

••• p  l  a  n  e  t   L  O  V  E •••

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!