Stop eating dog meat in China

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Animals, in general, are loving and caring creatures. They do not know what it means to be selfish. They give love and comfort those around them. They are not meant to be eaten. Every year, millions of animals die at the hands of people who are too ignorant to comprehend that, in today’s society, we do not need to resolve to eating animals for sustenance. We have plenty of other available food sources, so why do we continue torturing pure creatures? 

Although I believe that every animal deserves to live, I do not have the power to advocate for all of them, so I will start with one. Dogs are man’s best friend. They are not meant to be slaughtered and eaten. It is completely inhumane to murder these beautiful animals who want nothing but love and affection. I acknowledge the fact that other countries aside from China murder dogs, but the majority of the ones killed are in China. People have continued this tradition of torture there every year, and the number of dogs being murdered is increasing. Dogs do not have a voice, so we have to speak on behalf of them. If it were us in there position, we would want somebody to stand up for us. I say that we do everything in our power to end this violent tradition, because animals deserve to live just as much as we do.