Notify Human Rights Associations to take action for Hazara community Genocide in Pakistan

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To whom it may concern,

There are 11 men who were slaughtered by terrorists brutally in City Quetta Province Baluchistan of Country Pakistan, 3 days back. Those innocent men were working in the coal mine and all were daily wagers.

What was there crime? They belonged to a particular sect. This is not the first time but in past decade there has been several killings like this where men, women and kids were slaughtered by terrorists only because they belong to certain community.

There are lots of people trying to speak up on social media now but none of the media in Pakistan covered it as it should be covered. Every time an event like this happens the Government talks about it for a few days and then stops like nothing has happened.

I want the Human right associations to listen to these innocent people who are losing their families and no one speaks up for them. At least the world should know how brutal these terrorists are and how Shia community is targeted. The only way to get rid of these terrorists is by giving justice to the families and finding the real culprits who plan these attacks.

I know we are talking about people living miles and miles away from us but one signature for them will make this petition reach the correct people who might be able to help the poor, innocent and victimized families. Terrorism is not from one television but it is a thought that needs to be addressed or it will keep on adding up .. it is still not too late we need to speak up- we need to stand up for humanity.

Here is what we demand:

1. Full protection to Hazara community women, men and children by Pakistan Army

2. Continuous support program from Government of Pakistan for the families of martyrs 

3. Paramilitary action against terrorists in the area to kick them out of the country and bring justice to the victims.