A Law...Strict rules or instant death sentence for Rapists..

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Some of the countries have instant death penalty for rape and Some not.Rape is the most hyneous and shameful crime in the world.To stop this crime we must sign a petition so that a law comes for instant death penalty or for rape so that every girl in the world feel safe.Just to make this world free in true words please sign this petition.A law  should be there for Instant Death penalty without thinking once to rapist.This world is not free not safe if these bastards are roaming around freely.I always question to myself m i safe? M i free? Is my family safe?when will i see a safe and happy world ? Everybody talks about freedom but nobody want to fight for it.If we really want a safe environment and we can travel to any country without fear of rape then we should come up in front and sign this petition so that the government of every country specially indian government will make a law for instant death sentence for rapists.It will bring a change if everyone will support this petition because this is the concern of the whole world not only mine.If we want a safe, secure and happy environment we must have to do it now. Ab nahi to kab?? We want justice for every rape victim.Itne bade faisale rato rat liye gaye kya desh ki suraksha k liye nayay k liye ek faisla nhi liya ja skta.   #safeworld #Hangtherapist #instantdeathpanelty #changeforhumanity #changeforthechange #Justiceawaited