No School fees during Lockdown India

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HRD Minister, Dr. R.P. Nishank.

It's really sad to see how you have fallen into the hands of private schools in order to profitise them at this difficult hour which the whole world is facing.

Are you serious about paying of full fees during the time of complete lockdown???

Our shops, factories and businesses are closed for about a month now. We know how we are making our ends meet and paying salaries to our staff from our pockets. So we can bear this burden, then why can't these schools pay to their staff during lockdown??? 

They have been taking hefty fees from us since years. Cannot they even pay the salaries of the staff on their own at this time when everyone's life is compromised.

Further the schools have made fees hike (more than 10%) for the current year, transportation charges, meal charges and their so called miscellaneous charges...why should we pay that when everything is closed.

And the gimmick of starting these online E-learning classes in order to justify charging the fees is all the more shameful. The quality of education through these classes is another low. They have become a burden on parents as everything the parents need to teach their kids, make them understand, help them with the assignments. Teachers are not even bothering to correct the sent assignment and send it back. How do you justify the full TUITION fees too. Neither the students nor the teachers or the system is ready and equipped with these online classes. These are a sheer waste of time and energy. As of now peace of mind is more important and we need to accept the current situation. This too shall pass and we can lighten the studies burden for this year (Anyways its a matter of about a month's syllabus)

Also I would like to bring another important matter to your notice. These schools take full fees during the time of summer vacations too. It's the first time that they had to forgo only a month's fees (march fees already given and 2 months are anyways summer vacations so fees of April month only) due to a Pandemic Crisis but these heartless greedy minds couldn't even do that for the future of the county.

And what happened to the crores of money they have in their SURPLUS FUNDS. Can't they pay their staff with that money which is also indirectly given by parents only.

So, my question is...How do you justify the fees collection by the schools??? We need a proper justification before you impose it on the parents at this situation.

All those of you, who feel that asking for hefty fees by private schools is unjustified at this time of World Crisis. Plz SIGN and SHARE this petition.

Let the pain of the common man reach the  deaf ears of these private school owners as well as our Education Ministry.

Together We Can!!!