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MULLIGHAN INQUIRY - Why did Labor SA Suppress those who were named by the Victims for 80 years ???


The Mullighan Inquiry or Mullighan Royal Commission was a three-year inquiry into the abuse of children in the care of the South Australian Government that started in November 2004, at a cost of 13.5 million dollars.

"Decade after decade, the perpetrators of this abuse not only robbed children of their innocence but also stole both their past and their future."

Mullighan said he had been totally unprepared for the "foul undercurrent of society" which had perpetrated child sex abuse against Wards of the State between the 1940s and 1980s.

He had personally interviewed 792 people who were victims, Mr Mullighan said he had referred 170 people with information about 434 alleged Pedophiles to police, who arrested two suspects and reported 13 others.
Two Suspects, what a joke, children were exploited, abused and threatened, and only two arrested, absolutely pathetic, there was many more as we all know.
Mullighan said - We need to educate the public about this scourge of child sex abuse so the public knows how bad it is and how extensive it is ?

Mr Rann announced an extra $2.24 million would be provided to the Director of Public Prosecutions over the next three years to enable individuals identified by Mr Mullighan to be prosecuted.

Was this money provided and was there any arrests – who knows, it’s all so corrupt

Labor SA has allowed Child Abuse to grow, Labor SA has covered up Child Abuse for decades !

Labor SA put an 80 year Suppression Order on a lot of the Mullighan Inquiry, all who were named by the Victims were given protection from prosecution by Labor SA, so much for honesty and transparency, why even bother having these Inquires when they go nowhere, they're nothing but a smoke screen to fool the public into thinking that their Government is actually doing something, at the end of these Inquiries, there are recommendations made to fix the problems of the past and to stop history repeating itself again ? What happened then ?

Well about the only thing that changed with the Wards of the State was the Name, eventually becoming Families SA and the Abuse to our Children in State Care continued in the Governments World of Silence !

Never have I seen anything like Labor SA who continually do their best to hide all Child Abuse from the Public, whether it be abuse from a teacher or from a foster carer, Labor SA continually tries to conceal it instead of dealing with it openly in the eyes of the public, I would prefer to see a Government that takes action instead of a Government that hides and conceals the truth because they might be afraid of another scandal ???

Is Australia  run by Pedophiles for Pedophiles, why would a Government do everything in its power to protect this filth and do nothing for the Victims ???

Was the Mullighan Inquiry  Suppressed by Labor SA because all who were named by the Victims were Parasites who hold positions throughout our Government, Law Enforcement, our Judiciary and others high up in the World of Business ???

80 years Labor SA has locked the truth away, it will mean nothing in 80 years and that's why Labor has hid the truth from us all, everyone should be demanding the removal of the Suppression Orders on the Mullighan Inquiry, the Victims who have suffered so much deserve Justice, the 100 plus kids who were murdered with No Investigations into their deaths deserve Justice ?

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