Full sick pay for All key Care workers in the private & voluntary sector affected by covid


Full sick pay for All key Care workers in the private & voluntary sector affected by covid

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Fair pay for all care & support staff IOM started this petition to Howard Quayle, Alfred Cannon, Isle of Man Government (Isle of Man Government)

We are calling on the Isle of Man Government to

Immediately introduce emergency legislation to compel both Private and Voluntary sector care homes, homecare and nursery, childcare providers  to pay their staff for sick leave if affected during this pandemic .

Alternativley the minister will undertake to finance sick pay for the above from the Treasurey for as long as is nessecary during this pandemic.

Currently we are expected to risk our lives and that of our families to look after the elderly, sick, disabled  or vulnerable. That's your Grandad, my Nana your neighbour. Your loved ones are our job, and now our loved ones. If we become unwell we are only eligible to claim incapacity benefit of a paltry £84 a week .⁷

Nursery and childcare providers that are risking their families health to look after our kids our families , to enable keyworkers to look after the sick

For staff earning from as little as £8.25 an hour this is a scandalous affront to our so called Heroes . In a 2006 Government report public health care workers were earning £8:57 an hour that's a fact private sector workers are earing 27p less 14 years later. Shocking but true.

All health care workers are undervalued and under paid but Private and voluntary sector are even worse off.

We are not paid overtime even after doing a 12 hour shift as standard

We do not receive sick pay.

We do not receive pension contributions .

Our terms and conditions give us the bare minimum. 

When both parents work we do not qualify for income support .And if you are lucky enough to earn the living wage as a couple you dont qualify for EPA either. Both parents work to maintain the house hold as they have no choice and to lose one of those wages during this pandemic is crucifying families. 

We do not qualify for the MERA scheme or Furlough scheme. 

For example 6 people in a household  could have the potential to have to isolate for up to 12 weeks if they all got the virus at different times requiring  them to restart the 14 day isolation each time a family member became infected.  No family could sustain this and pay their mortgage, bills and feed their family on one wage. 

I love my job as a Carer and there isnt anything else I would rather do. So please help us to stay in our jobs and keep caring for your loved ones.

I hope you are willing to support this move to help our care working Heros and Heroines.

A big thankyou for taking the time to read this campaign .And thank you in advance if you have given us your signature. 


This petition made change with 1,125 supporters!

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