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STOP House Bill No. 288 from committee approval, being passed in the House of Representatives, or becoming Louisiana law!

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House Bill No. 288 prohibits the release and importation and restricts the transportation of feral hogs.  If it does pass committee approval, we urge every representative in the House to vote NO to Louisiana House Bill No. 288.  This petition will be forwarded to the lawmakers involved with the passage of this bill.


This bill would have a very negative impact on the sport of hog hunting.  Beyond the individual impact, such restrictions would negatively affect many businesses throughout the state that rely on this sport as the heart of their income. 

Many fundraisers and benefits that are held revolve around hog hunting, such as tournaments with the proceeds going to a family or person in need.  If this bill passes, these events would no longer be possible.

Many hogs are transported to pens and fed throughout the summer to butcher for food in the winter months.  A hog cannot be killed and processed for food in 100 degree heat in the state of Louisiana. 

No study from other states has shown that stopping the transport or requiring the purchase of a permit will stop the spread of these animals.  This bill would do nothing more than cause a hindrance and hardship upon many people. 

Hog hunting is a long held tradition of many.  Such a heritage keeps family's hunting together, children in the woods, and long-held friendships going strong.  There is much truth to the saying, "If you raise your kids in the woods, they'll stay away from drugs and out of jail".  As broad of a statement as that may be, there is value in keeping such wholesome sporting activities available to our children.

There is so much 'grey area' in this bill when it comes to classification and enforcement that it leaves way too much room for manipulation, misunderstanding, and abuse!

Many hunters catch and transport live hogs for the purpose of training hunting dogs or to castrate so that down the road they can be fit to kill as food for their families.  There is only benefit from these activities, which such a law would make impossible.

SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY to make it clear to our lawmakers that House Bill No. 288 needs to be voted AGAINST!  And contact your local representatives, along with every representative on the House Committee of Natural Resources and Environment. 

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