Birth partners allowed to be at the hospital for the duration of labour and after birth

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At the current moment in time a woman in labour are not allowed their birthing partner until the mother is 4cm dilated, meaning they have to go through the labour process on their own, once the mother is in established labour their birthing partner will be  allowed onto the ward and stay isolated in one room, once the mother has given birth to their baby their birthing partner will only be allowed to stay for 1-3 hours after birth, this is morally wrong, woman need support the whole way through labour, and men should be able to bond with their child once the baby is born aswell as continuing to support the mothers after birth which is never easy! This petition is to get this changed so a woman can have her basic rights back aswell as fathers and or birthing partners. This is also to allow women to have 1 other person with them for hospital appointments, scans and for the whole duration of their labour and after birth in hospitals. This could be for mental health reasons, something could be wrong with the baby and for general support for a mother, the father or for surrogate parents to be able to see their child and be present through the whole pregnancy. If shops and theme parks are allowed to open then mothers should be allowed a birthing partner for the duration of their hospital stay. Why is it okay for non essential shops to open, people can meet up with 6 people outside of their household and you can now go visit your grandparents but a mother, a father, a surrogate is being denied their rights throughout their pregnancy and labour.