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Horrific Abuse of Test Monkeys – Stop Animal Testing at SNBL

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories has been accused of severe cruelty to monkeys, including repeated abuse, torment and torture.

SNBL subjects tens of thousands of primates and other animals every year to painful and lethal experiments. It is the third largest importer of primates into the U.S., annually importing 3,000 monkeys. The controversial lab has repeatedly come under fire for cruelty and neglect, including failure to provide safe and adequate housing, veterinary care, and proper pain relief. In 2005, 19 monkeys died from extreme weight loss. In 2008, a monkey was accidentally boiled alive. In 2011, a whistleblower contacted PETA with a shocking account of the mistreatment of animals at SNBL.

- Employees used excessive force in their handling of monkeys, to the extent that monkeys suffered from bloodied noses, broken fingers and toes, and bruises to their bodies.
- Careless workers frequently injured monkeys by slamming the cage doors onto their tails. Some tails would become bent or deformed, and would be left that way, while other tails were broken so badly that they had to be amputated.
- In one set of experiments, monkeys were attached to their cages with a metal tether which was surgically attached to their bodies, through which ice cold saline solution and test compounds were continuously infused into the monkeys’ veins. They were hooked up this way for months.

Letter to
USDA Dr. Robert Gibbens
I am contacting you regarding the reported abuse of animals inside Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories.

Investigations and reports have revealed countless violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act and a pattern of non-compliance issues. The controversial lab has a history of incidents of cruelty and neglect including failure to provide safe and adequate housing, veterinary care, and proper pain relief measures to suffering animals, as well as failure to ensure that experiments are not duplicated. SNBL has been cited by the FDA for failure to ensure that employees are properly trained before handling animals.

To mention only a few of the incidents, 19 marmoset monkeys died from emaciation in 2005. A macaque monkey was boiled to death when her cage was put in to a high-temperature cage-washing machine in 2008. In 2011, a whistleblower revealed the ongoing physical and psychological abuse witnessed while working at SNBL, including a violent treatment of monkeys resulting in bloodied noses, broken fingers and noses, bodily bruises, and bent or smashed tails. 78% of the monkeys are caged alone, in violation of federal law, resulting in stress-induced abnormal behaviours such as self-mutilation, incessant rocking, and hair-pulling.

It is apparent that physical abuse by workers is common at SNBL. The appeals by the whistleblower to SNBL managers and supervisors to improve conditions for the animals were ignored. The lab has already been on the ‘risk list’. I ask that the USDA launches an immediate investigation and holds SNBL accountable for these repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act. SNBL USA should no longer be allowed to conduct research using animals, to have animals in their care, or to keep any animals for any purpose. Instead I recommend that the facility turns to alternatives to using animals for research.


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