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Reinforce the Animal Law in India & Punish these 3 people for brutal killing of dog

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Respected Sir,

Recently on 11 th  October 2016,  3 men thrashed & hung a pregnant dog. The incident happened in the outskirt of Mohali at Raipur Kalan Village near Sohana.  The name of the accused are Dassa, Harmeet Singh, Makhan Singh. They hung the pregnant dog , & stabbed the eyes. This is an horrifying brutality which is intolerable.

This is just an another example of animal atrocities in India. For the last few years India has witnessed some brutal killing of animals. The time have come to change & protest. The main problem is the cruel mentality that persist in the people. Such distorted mentality are the root cause of any type of crime &murder.

No one has right to take anyone's life be it animal or human. Recently we saluted Seizure , a labrador for the last time when he passed away few days before. Seizure was a pioneer of Indian Dog Squad & saved thousands life during 26/11 attack & Mumbai Blast. He is also a soldier of India,  who devoted his life to save our lives. But what the "Human" did instead , killed,  burnt, hung the innocent puppies & dogs. They have also feeling, they also feel pain .  Today, I am ashamed to call my self as a Human, because my fellow brothers are acting Inhuman.

"Animals are more human than 'human' " . They atleat don't kill anyone for their entertainment.

Sir please save the life of these innocent animal & give punishment to the accused . There are many rapist, murderers,  terrorist who are roaming with full freedom , they should be killed not this harmless animals.

This is an appeal from a very common citizen of India, who thinks & love his country.

Thanking You

Rohon Kundu




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