Justice For Avni Save Avni's Cubs

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A nation's voice went unheard. All the protests and marches, for Avni amounted to nothing. Finally those who had vested interests in murdering her succeeded, the reason being Maharashtra government is known to turn a blind eye to acres of forest land encroachment by industrialists, area as big as the size of Mumbai city itself. 

This is not something to be proud of, this is not an act of valor. This is nothing but sheer cowardice killing a defenseless unsuspecting animal by luring it with a bait and shooting from a safe distance, and for what. They did not defend anyone by doing this but those corrupt politicians, who stand to gain monetary benefits by allowing illegal encroachment of forest lands to industries. Official reports show 1500 sq kilometer of forest land has been lost to encroachment. So what was Avni's fault? Being confined to a small area, where she had to act in defense for her kids, having her natural habitat taken away from her and forced to roam around in those encroached lands which once used to be her home, or being born in a country where she is revered to be the national animal yet she will be shot to death to protect some peoples' interests. Despite all the efforts, all the protests, all the campaigns, if these brutes are posing for photo with her dead body as if they won a war, they did not win, but we lost. We lost in saving a mother, saving our national animal, protecting an animal that has been driven out of its natural habitat and cornered, and most of all saving ourselves from this national shame. Now they are on the hunt for the 10-month old cubs whom they claim are man eaters too. 

Let us all join hands to bring the perpetrators who killed Avni to justice, and to save her cubs from being killed by the same team.

#JusticeforAvni #SaveAvni'sCubs