3 Aussie kids to be left without their Dad

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Peter Dutton has made a decision that I have to leave Australia. I am an Irish born citizen and qualified tradesman. I've been here 10 years, I've been married to an Australian woman for 8 of those years, her being a retired paramedic, which she done to raise our son. We now have 3 beautiful Australian born children,  Cu Chulainn , 6 years old, Ashlinn , 4 years old and Kianna , 3 years old. Two of our kids have special needs, Ashlinn in particular , being autistic.

Both my wife and myself have no criminal history and are upstanding members of our community. We pay a mortgage , which comes from my sole income as a site manager. My wife's 74 year old mother also lives with us.

Substract the father and sole income from the equation and the following happens

1.  Three children all being Australian Citizens, have no Father , FULL STOP

2.  The mental and spiritual effect on our children will be catastrophic , especially for our Autistic child whose basic growth and stability is corner stoned on having her Daddy at home every day.

3.  The bank won't care so they will re-possess the house..... 3 kids , their mammy , and their grandmother , homeless ,  and soon after "Daddy was sent away"

4.  Those that could have helped go home to their families and homes and won't miss a sleep beat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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