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Stop the insane culling, torture and killing of dogs in Kerala

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Respected Sir/Madam,

Our country has always boasted of its rich culture, heritage, values, of which 'Ahimsa' has always stood first. 

We all know that Kerala is 'God's own country' and true to these words, it is the most beautiful place anyone will ever see. But unfortunately, it's been run and manipulated by corrupt officials. 

The Govt in Kerala and some intelligent, learned and corrupt officials supporting the Govt have suddenly begun this mad scheme of 'eradicating' all the street dogs in Kerala. Furthermore, they have brainwashed the public in such a way that it is portrayed as if all the dogs are like the devils walking on the road, ready to pounce and kill anyone if they want to.

It's the humans who are now behaving like demons now. Despite so many attempts to stop this, they never listen. They even went on a parade publically showing all the dogs that they have killed. They have openly challenged us animal lovers to stop then if we can.

False advertisements and accusations against Street dogs in Kerala have been made so as to fully convince the public, including children, to develop deep hatred of our Indian Street dogs. If this continues, these dogs, who have been with us all along for over thousands of years will be eradicated. 

Please ban this insane, inhuman practice of killing all the street dogs in Kerala. This kind of hatred can be effectively utilized in bringing justice and protecting people from Anti social elements like rape, Eve teasing, smuggling etc instead of harming and defaming poor, innocent dogs living on the roads.

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