Save Sabarimala

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Respected Sirs,

I, N. A. Ramachandra Pai, a citizen of India, earnestly pray you for passing an ordinance, to maintain age old tradition at Sabarimala Temple, and consider the following:

To review the Supreme Court order dated 30th September 2018
To consider establishing an ordinance to keep the tradition, that is followed by several centuries by Hindus of Kerala.


The Legend of Ayyappa, the presiding deity is regarded as the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. According to the myth, Ayyappa was the prince of Pandalam Royal family in Kerala. Ayyappa was also a close friend of Vavar. The shrine of Ayyappa and Dargah of Vavar and Mallikapuram Amman temple is an integral part of Hill shrine at Sabrimala inside Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Flood of Woes:

Following the recent flood, the Travancore Devaswam Board (TDB) has decided several restrictions including curbs on vehicle parking and other well equipped facilities.  All available amenities for the pilgrims are male friendly. There is no separate queue for men & women in the last 6 KM trekking path to the temple.

Out of 365 days a year, the temple is open only for 127 days. Over 6 crores people went to Sabarimalai in the year 2017-18. All the male devotees and female devotees below the age of 10 and above the age of 50, visited the hillside shrine.

Sabarimala shrine and the deity are protected by Article 25 of the Constitution and that the people worshipping there have attributes of a religious denomination. Hence, the court should not interfere unless there is an aggrieved person from that religion or section.

If Lord Ayyappa of the Sabarimala is treated by the law as a “juristic person” for the purposes of property ownership and taxes and hence, he equally has rights under Article 21 (protection of life and personal liberty), 25 (freedom to practice religion) and 26 (freedom to manage religious affair) of the Constitution. The deity has the right to remain a ‘Naishtika Brahmachari’ (eternal celibate) and this was also part of the right to privacy of the deity, adding that the will of the deity needed to be respected.

I would also like to highlight the following facts :

1.     There are over 25,00,000 Hindu temples in India.

2.     But of which 6 temples, Gents are not allowed.

3.     In my knowledge 4 temples, Ladies are not allowed.

But at Sabrimalai, Ladies between 10 to 50 years age are not allowed.

4.     There are over 3,00,000 Muslim mosques in India where ladies are not allowed.

For many of the above religious places the originating thought process is not gender biased at all, It is not anti-women / anti-men, it is a belief and faith.

In light of above points, I on behalf of all devotees of Lord Ayyappa scattered in length & breadth of India and across the globe, hereby request the Honorable President and the Honorable Prime Minister of India to review the verdict of Honorable Supreme Court and consider to establish an ordinance to keep the tradition which is followed by centuries and keep the Sabarimala as it is.  India is a democratic country and court is not the ultimate sovereignty, so it is possible to do the changes on the verdict. So that the religious practices of the Hindus are not altered/ restrained by the instigation of Non-believers and for this act of kindness, I shall be ever grateful.

Thank you

In Service to the Lord

N. A. Ramachandra Pai