Regulate counselling therapists in British Columbia

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Currently, anyone in British Columbia can call themselves a counsellor or therapist, regardless of qualifications, competency, or experience.

They can begin charging people for their services which may be given by people who are not accountable for their actions.

This places British Columbia's citizens in vulnerable and potentially dangerous situations where sexual, emotional, and financial boundary violations can happen.

Counselling therapists are already regulated in four provinces in Canada. British Columbia is falling behind. The time is now!


British Columbia needs one government authority to ensure that counselling therapy is safe and therapists are accountable.

Other health care professions are already regulated in British Columbia. Counselling therapists need to be added to the list.


To have the Minister of Health of British Columbia approve of regulating counselling therapists through the establishment of a College of Counselling Therapists under British Columbia’s existing Health Professions Act to promote and ensure public protection, accessibility and accountability.