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Write President Obama today and ask to stop runaway military spending and end an unjust war, just as Zinn would.

Letter to
President of the United States
Hours before your State of the Union speech, the great historian Howard Zinn passed away. Throughout his life, Zinn worked for peace and justice. He was an outspoken critic of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and would have reacted strongly to hear your call to freeze social spending while letting the military budget run rampant.

Over a year ago, Zinn addressed the damage our economy has suffered from runaway military spending:

"We don’t need to spend the hundreds of billions of dollars on the military budget. Take all the money allocated to military bases and the military budget, and use that money to give everybody free health care, to guarantee jobs to everybody who doesn’t have a job, guaranteed payment of rent to everybody who can’t pay their rent, build child care centers."

Instead of letting the military budget and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to drag down our economy, you should reduce the military budget so that the government has money to spend to provide real security for people in the United States.

Zinn argued that real security doesn't come from wielding a large military—it comes from rethinking of our nation's role in the world while making sure we’re taking care of our citizens here at home.

I urge you to honor Zinn's work and spirit by cutting the military budget and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.