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Petition to reopen Wanimo Street gate

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This petition has been started to help the general public and Defence families travelling to and bypassing the Gallipoli Barracks in Enoggera. Since the 31st of May 2016 there has been a significant change in traffic build up on Samford Road and some adjoining roads in the early hours of the morning and again at 4:00pm onwards, due to a decision made by the Assistant Defence Minister Michael McCormack. A decision was made in regards to the way Defence personnel and their families enter and exit one gate to the Gallipoli Barracks on Wanimo Street. When this decision was made it was not taken into account that all the Australian Defence personnel, their families, people who work on base or reside in surrounding areas would have to use the main gate which would divert all traffic to Samford Road. The Wanimo gate was used as this gate was the closest entrance to the base from their residences. These people are now having to travel past the Wanimo gate which is around 5-10 minutes at a maximum from most homes to a gate that is located 45 minutes away in traffic. This has created significant problems for many people in the surrounding areas due to the large amount of build up traffic on Samford road at peak times. People who use this road already know that before this change the road had high levels of traffic and now this has created a car park due to the stand still traffic. The Assistant Minister of Defence has only provided some access to serving members around this gate BUT has forgotten about other serving members, their families and people who work on the barracks. This would also have a significant impact on general public members who has no affiliation with Defence but merely use this road to get to work. Below is short outline of who and how this has affected our community: • Has added significant travel time for anyone using the main road (Samford Rd) • Has caused a large number of traffic build up (including around the other gates). • There is no flow of traffic and therefor our roads have become a stand still. • Australian defence personnel in Surrounding areas can't use their closest gate to get to work faster which has resulted in less time with their families and/or having to change arrangements for the pick up and drop off of their children to school/daycare/after school care etc. Our Australia Defence force members and their families are having unnecessary pressure placed on them to arrive even earlier to work and at the end of the day arrive late to pick up children and/or family members. Our Defence personnel already spend a significant time away from their families, and this decision has now created a situation whereby personnel will miss out on further time with their families for the short amount of time that they are actually home. We need your help, not just for serving members and their families but for everyone using Samford Rd. We urge the Assistant Defence Minister, his team and the Enoggera Base Manager to rethink this decision and to allow Defence members and their families to use the Wanimo Gate.

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