Stop Family Court abuse & bad practice, hidden behind Family Court Suppression Laws

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The United Nations (“UN”) recommended that NZ hold a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Family Court, and under politicians Jan Logie’s and Andrew Little’s watch they refused a Royal Commission of Inquiry. The NZ Government wants to hide the Government sanctioned abuse behind Famy Court Suppression.

Parents and Families across New Zealand are suffering the following Family Court abuse:

Bias, Discrimination, Victimisation, Shaming, Accused of mental illness, Attacked for raising concerns of physical and sexual abuse, Financial ruin, and Parental Alienation.

This is happening in the Family Court, hidden from public awareness, as bad law is practiced behind Family Court suppression. Suppression is meant for protection of families and children, yet, reality is that it is used against families and children that are abused and victimised without protection.

The above abuse of power is committed and exacerbated by Judges, lawyers, Lawyers-for-Child, assisted by Specialist Report Writers, Oranga Tamariki, Contact Supervisors, Court Staff, Police, and contracted Agencies using the power of Suppression to hide behind. 

The Family Court is broken, and it must be changed.

The abusers within the Family Court system must be held to account. That includes Judges that assault, belittle, shame, and bully parents while hiding behind the shield of Family Court Suppression.

Bad Family Court Judges legislating from the bench - is Judicial lawmaking that exceeds the proper exercise of judicial authority, especially when concerned with matters ordinarily addressed by a legislature. In simple terms, these cavalier rogue Judges make up the law to suit the outcome they want, and they do it with immunity backed up by the abusive gag cloak of family court suppression.

It’s time to expose these rogue Judges who’s conduct is unbecoming the Judiciary

The people of New Zealand call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Family Court and the abuses that occur behind Family Court suppression.

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