No Name! No Face! No Remorse! Please help keep this murderer in jail!

No Name! No Face! No Remorse! Please help keep this murderer in jail!

12 January 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mandy Burgess

We are saddened and frightened to know that our legal system in Australia can allow someone who so savagely murdered our daughter, who has shown no remorse for his horrific crime is now eligible for parole after just 13 1/2 years. Support us as we give our daughter Tania the justice she deserves by keeping DL in jail and push for our government to amend the identification law of serious offenders when they turn 18 so that they can be identified to the public.

Tania, our beautiful 15 year old daughter was brutally murdered by a boy, who can only be referred by his initials - DL, whom is now a 29 year old man that could potentially be released. We feel this is a great risk to the community and his behaviour in jail has not shown  any sort of rehabilitation. If released DL will still be a threat to the community at a large, because of his mental state it is evident that he could potentially do the crime again to someone else’s daughter. We are so saddened to know someone who ended our daughters life (she received a death sentence) that he may have a chance to be set free and live a life of freedom for himself, free with no name or face attached to his crimes publicly. Regardless of what boundaries or areas are set for parole conditions no one will know who he is.

Reasons why DL isn’t fit for society:

  • DL to this day has not admitted guilt for his crime nor has DL shown any sign of remorse
  • Specialists have identified DL has mental health conditions, a diagnosis is still unknown
  • No signs of rehabilitation are demonstrated 

Under the juvenile criminal act DL’s full identity will never be revealed to the public. This is a huge threat to the community as many people are unaware of his full name or what he even looks like.

 Details of the crimes he committed:

  • June 2005 DL entered our home in Forresters Beach, NSW Australia and assaulted me. DL was unknown to me at the time of this attack. This was reported to the Police and because he was unable to be identified at the time (I could not identify him due to the poor identification process that I was given by the police) he has never been charged with this assault. These details were never introduced into court because of technical issues that caused a faulty identification.
  • On the afternoon of 19th July 2005 DL brutally murdered our 15 year old daughter Tania on her way home from school stabbing her 48 times and then ran off. DL was unknown to her, other than they both regularly caught the same bus to and from different schools. This was no spur of the moment decision. It was clearly an action that had a great deal of planning prior to its execution, since DL didn’t normally get off this bus stop and it appears that he had stalked her previously, to know her way home from school. He then planned to ambush her in an area secluded from the public eye during the attack, that was in broad daylight. My husband and I were at the scene of the murder minutes after she was stabbed and were with her when she died. The images of seeing her die and the state she was in are burned into our memories forever.  

 After Tania was murdered and DL was in custody, I was able to identify that DL was indeed the one who assaulted me prior to Tania's death. I was given a proper identification process by the police.

DL’s sentence and charges :

  • DL was sentenced to 22 years with a non parole period of 17 years for Tania's murder. During the trial, he insisted that there was someone else at the scene who took Tania's life, but never attempted to even describe this individual. Tania had bravely identified DL to a witness moments after he ran off confirming that DL was guilty of murdering Tania. 

Since a successful appeal by DL on 21 December 2018, due to an error in the way sentencing was applied to juveniles (Muldrock error) he has had 4 years removed from his sentence. Which makes him eligible for consideration to be released on parole immediately, this was extremely frustrating to know that this small error in the justice system has given this murderer the potential to freedom

If we as community don’t stand up and do something about it this, DL could be released and potentially commit more crimes. I feel Tania deserves more justice than this, her life was cut short and we are so deeply saddened by the loss of our daughter and knowing that the man that killed her could potentially be released without a name or face for the community to watch out for. As the Parole Hearing will take place over the next couple of months or so a sense of urgency for support is needed. Please support us by signing our petition and sharing it with as many people as you can. For the sake of our community and to bring Tania the justice she deserves. 

We thank you so much for your support and taking the time to be here for us.

Mandy and Chris Burgess

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Signatures: 148,288Next Goal: 150,000
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