Reduce male suicide in Australia by a complete overhaul of the Child Support Agency and family law court.

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I’m not unique.

This story is echoed throughout the single parent community. 

My son’s mother and I broke up while he was quite young. She cheated repeatedly, sometimes spending days away from us and eventually I was tired of it. She claimed single parenting payments despite me paying her full child support and living under my roof. She always lived beyond her means.

When I ended it, she told me she was moving in with her (week long) partner, taking my young son and that he would never know me as his father. She said He would never call me Dad ever again. She put a DVO against me without any reason or proof. It was pure tactic. (After 2 years she broke up with that guy and took half his house, even though he had it before her and she never made a payment!)

The constant taunts and seperation anxiety pushed me to the edge and I made an attempt on my life. I regretted it instantly and called the ambulance for myself. This moment of weakness she would later use against me in my custody battle for my son that destroyed my family financially. We did come to a custody agreement of 50/50 but she was just biding her time and they’re not worth the paper they’re written on. 

Some years passed and I found a girl who is my now fiancé and my ex tried to get me to go back to her, which I refused, and she disappeared with my son. Now that in itself is brutal, but my father passed away suddenly from aggressive cancer a few months earlier and my son and he were very close.

 She ripped him from my families life. Just like that. His Pa was taken from him and then his father. Pretty hard to deal with as an 8 year old boy and not something a responsible parent would do, I’m sure you’ll agree. 

My family were in such bad shape financially after family court  that my dad wanted to donate his body to medical science when he passed away. He knew we couldn’t afford a funeral so that was his solution, but we scraped together to find the money.

Obviously we couldn’t afford to go back through the family law court (rort) so I continued to try and settle things with my ex though she wouldn’t and still doesn’t take my calls or reply to texts. I’ve tried pleading with her family but they ignore me too.  Although my ex did promptly call Child Support Agency telling them she has full custody now and without hesitation, they increased my payment to an obscene amount.  On paper she earns $7 a year while driving around in a $150,000 SUV. 

This is how child support works; you have to guesstimate your income for the year and you make your payments. If you earn more than your prediction you have to pay the shortfall back, on-top of your current payments. If you earn less and have paid too much, it’s a win for the mother. Earn less and the excess is lost, gone, never happened and never existed! No credit given nor compassion shown. I wasn’t aware parental obligations reset at the end of the financial year? How fair is that!?!? What a great system based on equality!

The system and Child support agency is enabling her and mothers everywhere to rip dads and the taxpayer off blind while she does not even communicate with me in any way. Financially I am his dad but that’s where it ends. I must pay but I cannot play. I pay my child support cause my son will not go without, but I guarantee he isn’t getting the huge chunk of my wage she is entitled to. 

I haven’t seen my son in close to 6 years now. I have no recourse except to drag my now 14 year old son back through the family law rort, uprooting his life and putting my feelings before his future. This is something she would do, and I have not and will not ever wield my son as a weapon or treat him as a possession. He is not leverage and I do not own him. He is his own person with his own life. 

I want to see my son and I am happy to support my son. I’m even happy to continue to pay what I am now and have shared custody. But if a mother denies a father access without cause, in this day and age of equality, surely they should be made to stand on their own two feet?

If a mother denies a father access without PROVEN reason, she must have to stand on her own two feet. She must be held accountable for that decision. She MUST NOT benefit financially from such a selfish decision.

If this were the case, mothers would make sure dads got to see their kids. Children would no longer be possessions wielded as weapons and used as leverage. 

Where is my justice? Why do women have more rights than men?

Why is CSA and the Australian government enabling mothers to punish fathers mentally and financially for YEARS?!?

The Australian single dad is killing himself in plague proportions and CSA and the Australian government are directly responsible. Where is our representation?

A complete overhaul is in need desperately!

Please sign the petition so we can start the road to a fairer system. 

Brodie, wherever you are, I love you and miss you.