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Kerala's most beloved Violinist Balabhaskar and his loving daughter passed away last year after his car met with an accident near Pallippuram,  enroute from Thrissur to Trivandrum. Tejaswini Bala(1.5years) died on her way to the hospital and Balabhaskar succumbed to his injuries after a week on 2nd October 2018. His widow Mrs.Lekshmi and the driver Arjun survived with injuries.  Many suspicions arose regarding the fateful trip to Thrissur and the consequent accident and the family has been fighting for justice thereafter. Suspicions were found to be justified when 2 of Balu's managers were arrested in connection with gold smuggling case and were found to be members of the racket for long.  Driver also lied that Balabhaskar was behind the wheels dueing the time of accident with which local police enquiring the case also played along. State Crime Branch,  although after much delay have ascertained that Arjun was indeed on the driver seat based on forensic reports and witness accounts,  has not taken him into custody till date.  Vital witness accounts of a passerby Kalabhavan Soby George who claimed to have seen a few people near the accident spot under suspicious circumstances,  and Aji,  the KSRTC driver who claimed that he saw the accident actually happening,  have not been taken and scientifically verified.  The delay in investigation has cost the loss of vital evidences including Call Data Records since it will not be available after one year.  

We seek justice to the family, fans and friendsof Balabhaskar who have been fighting the case for the past one year!! 

Satyameva Jayate!!