Kill the Kill List - no more dogs dying in Council pounds

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Summary: I have learned about the killing of dogs in Mildura pound for excessive barking. This is no reason to kill. 1. The law needs to change. 2. Can we repurpose greyhound industry resources for rehoming?

Personal story: I am a huge supporter of animal welfare services like monika’s doggy rescue, Pound Patrol and the RSPCA. I rescued my 14 y.o Jack x Beagle called Charlie 4 years ago - he was on the Blacktown, NSW Kill List.

I also know that the greyhound racing industry is dying. New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian has been sponsoring this industry to keep people gainfully employed. He’s an idea - why don’t we repurpose all the people and all the facilities from the greyhound racing industry to create dog rehoming facilities all over Australia? Surely this is a better use of taxpayer dollars then promoting a $1 million prize for greyhound races, as happened last weekend (27 October 2018).

The people of Australia do not want to have greyhounds racing - this industry is dying. We also do not want dogs dying or being mistreated in council pounds (looking at you Mildura, Campbelltown and Hawkesbury). We want all local counsel pounds to be resourced and staff up-skilled  to look after dogs (cats, livestock, birds too!). 

The issue:

There is a Kill List only because of capacity issues. We have greyhound racing facilities everywhere that have plenty of capacity. It seems fairly obvious to me what the solution is - turn our greyhound racing industry into a world-first dog rehoming industry. 

1.The Excessive Barking law means dogs in pounds can be killed for being noisy.  Dogs will bark when they’re locked up, I’m sure you would be vocal if you were locked in a cage - dogs feel the same as we do. We want this law to be changed as a matter of urgency. 

2. Local councils do not have the funding or the right approaches for the people employed to look after dogs properly. This petition is to ask the Australian government to consider repurposing all greyhound racing facilities and people to br re-trained into dog rehoming facilities. 

Take action! Dogs will continue to be killed - simple as that. Thousands per year dumped in rubbish bags at the council tip. NO MORE! It’s 2018 - time for change!