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To give the voiceless, A Voice.

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For many, this might not be concerning, but for many it is. Being an animal lover, this time I thought its high time to raise my voice for the voiceless. And for the entire human race, this is time to stop cruelty to another life just because we are more powerful than them. 

I recently came across a video, where a man brutally beats up a dog, till he smashed his head completely. The dog cried in agony. Bled to death. Couldn't even move. While there were several spectators and a person recording the horrific scenario. Several videos cropped up as well. Where a boy threw a dog in the air against a wall and in another video, a dog was boiled alive. 

Is it not the end of human race already? Where feelings are already dead. How can one be so cruel to those lil creatures who only roams for some left overs to eat? When we cant provide food to all, how can we even think of giving them the pain we wont even cure ? Why such anger on those voiceless creatures? Why? 

Many would think that there is already so much going on already, around the world. Who cares to think about a dog who bled to death, cried like anything? Some cares. Many does. And to those, I plead to them, please lets make a change for the better. Such crimes to these creatures, who have feelings like us. Who are made by the same creator as we are. Who has the right to live. Live a happy life. If not the best, atleast not being a victim to cruelty. 

Such people, who committ such crimes should be punished. Where there aren't much laws for animals, i write this today just to bring focus on the fact, STRICTER RULES SHOULD BE IMPOSED ON SUCH CULPRITS, so that nobody dares to do so again. Such rules should be made where before taking out anger on a voiceless, will make them think a thousand times. 

Its my plea to all and the influential, to please do something for the voiceless. Please.

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