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Keep the ban on Jallikattu

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Jallikattu is a barbaric sport like practice, where bulls are agitated an unleashed in crowds of men only to be victims of abuse.

Jallikattu exploits bulls’ natural nervousness as prey animals by deliberately placing them in a terrifying situation in which they are forced to run away from those they perceive as predators.

During Jallikattu, bulls are purposefully scared and petrified and then made to run across the crowd, destroying anything that would come in their way. Various cruel means are adopted to scare and anger the bull like pinching, nailing, stabbing with sticks that have nails at the edges, twisting their tails and even forcefully making them drink alcohol and other drugs. The rope around their nose are painfully yanked and then they are dragged into the crowd of people who further anger the bull. The animals does what it could to get away from the danger that it sees in humans, cruel beings of the highest order
The behavioral pattern of a bull is that it responds to an adverse situation by putting up a fight. Otherwise, when you see bulls in the middle of a road, they just stand still and won't charge at anyone. Now, when they prod the bull to go towards the vadivaasal (the entry point), it resists. The men are waiting to jump on it like predators attack a prey. It senses the threat perception and is reluctant to go. To force it to go, the men bite and bend its tail. They cut off the thick rope which passes through its nostrils. Can't we imagine the pain it goes through when the rope rubs against its soft nasal system at a speed? Then with the same knife, its body is poked. Basically, without agitating a bull, you cannot conduct jallikattu.

According to the documents by PETA, these bulls also break their bones in order to escape from the crowd continuously trying to torture them. Casualty and death of humans are also alarmingly high during this game. If reports are to be believed, from the year 2012 to 2014, there have been approximately 1100 human casualties and 17 deaths during Jallikattu and other such events. Those visitors who just watch the event and not participate are also at the risk of being hurt.

As the environment ministry talks about tradition and reviving of age old cultures, it makes us wonder what in the name of god would promote culture by torturing an animals beyond wits. The event of Jallikattu is usually organized during the Pongal festival. Pongal is the festival of harvest, thanking god for giving us food and good harvest. Mattu Pongal is for celebrating the hard work of cattles that worked through hunger, thirst and pain. What way of thanking these animals should involve exposing them to immense pain? Some families garland these animals, treat them and even worship them to show gratitude making us wonder which of these should be called traditions and need revival.

​In its judgement, the Supreme Court categorically held that the concerned ministry cannot allow Jallikattu, bull races or bullfights and cannot modify the notification dated 11 July 2011 (which banned forcing bulls to perform) without approval from the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). Just last week, the AWBI advised the ministry not to overturn the Supreme Court judgement. The court had also ruled that cruelty is inherent in these events, as bulls are not anatomically suited for such races. Making them participate is subjecting them to unnecessary pain and suffering, and so it was deemed such races are not permitted by law. It was further stated by the court that when culture and tradition are at variance with the law enacted by Parliament, the law will take precedence.

Evolutionary progression requires thinking on feet and acting towards something. Even if it is against cultural values, it is about doing the right thing based on logical thinking. It can't be something blindly done with an excuse "That's how our ancestors used to do".

Light bulb isn't invented by burning hundred lamps. It takes rethinking from the root.

It is a fellow living being, that is groped by umpteen idiots. Even if they use fancy terms like hugging the bull, it is more or less groping without the Bull's consent.

Regardless, coming to the claim of animal being potent and yielding better offspring. We are scientifically advanced to check with the potency or make it entertaining for the bull without physical human intervention.

Allowing Jallikattu may have pleased the bull tamers and a majority of people in Tamil Nadu but the greater population of the country is agitated by how the government is keeping its vote banking politics above the welfare of people and its self-claimed kindness towards animals. Even the opposition is not reacting to this disastrous step – anything for appeasing the voters in the upcoming polls.

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