A Judicial Appeal Over Prevailing Academic Problem Of Nit Srinagar

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Nummy Faheem started this petition to Home ministry and

Dear Fellow Student,

As you all know classes of NIT SRINAGAR has been suspended since 3rd Aug 2019. Its been more than one month now and i can only sympathize for your loss. We need to understand the gravity of the situation. It is neither the first time nor the last. If we do not take stand on the same then there is high possibility of  repetition  of such action. 

We have contacted small and big media houses, NIT Srinagar authorities, MHRD and faced rejection, ignorance at the end of the day.Hence, with the consultant of some parents , chair holders we have decided to knock the doors of  court. As judiciary is an important part of democracy, we can hope for a fruitful result .

We are filing a PIL in Hon'ble PATNA HIGH COURT under guidance of a senior Advocate (Name will be announced soon).

 In the wake of the same ,i strongly seek  your support and attention for:-

1.Either continue our classes at NIT Srinagar or make a temporary arrangement as soon as possible.

2.Permanent solution ,either , in the form of campus shift or a fall back plan without hindering academic activities.



This petition made change with 2,067 supporters!

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