Help bring men’s hockey back to CBU! *non profit, do not donate!*

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     Cape Breton and hockey have gone hand in hand for years. It only makes sense that Cape Breton University (CBU), who have won national titles for men’s and women’s soccer and basketball, would bring back our men’s hockey team to try to reach this same goal.

     The cost and funding for new team is the main deterring factor; however, if CBU were to revamp the men’s hockey team, Cape Breton citizens will support it; I know we love our hockey here. Sponsors for a hockey team are not hard to come by in this day and age: just on campus we have Subway and Tim Hortons who are known to heavily support sports teams all over Canada. Hosting events like Orange Out, which have proven to be extremely successful in the past for our CBU Soccer and Basketball teams, not only get our CBU students support but also community attention. To start out, the team does not need the newest high end gear, players supply their own under gear (shin pads, pants etc), sticks and skates. The first year will obviously be tough to get off the ground, but i am positive CBU could manage to cut costs and maintain efficiency. Hockey is arguably the most popular sport in Canada; especially in local areas like Glace Bay and Sydney where we will gain a lot of supporters for the team, not to mention our own students on campus at CBU.

     Attending our school already are current and former QMJHL and Junior A hockey players who would be motivated and love to have another chance to play hockey and shine for CBU. Some of which have been scouted and even given the chance to attend training camp for several National Hockey League hockey clubs. 

  Bringing back our men’s hockey team will be pricy, but that is no reason to shy away from the challenge. The love of hockey in Cape Breton has been constant for decades; who would not want to see a CBU men’s hockey team flourish in our community?